Tweezer Titanium - 1174T

Eyebrows are the framework of our face. Tweezers are the allies for grooming and design their structure, dimension and in fact our own expression.Our professional tweezers range are manufactured in long lasting high quality stainless steel (HRC 43º-45º) , hand finished are aligned for a practical and smooth use.

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The most common, easy to handle and perfect to “search and pluck” technique to help you capture those independent stray hairs and remove several hairs at once. This type of clamp is suitable for cleaning all around the eyebrows and removing excess hair without touching in excess the design of eyebrows


The perfect angle for tweezing brows Slanted edge provides a larger gripping surface for quick and easy tweezing and angled to grip individual hair easly.


Ideal for for plucking the finest, smallest and also ingrown hair

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