Nail Nipper Gold - 5004

The different shapes of jaws our professional nail nippers allows the approach to nail cutting of normal or thick nails very easy. Nail nippers have strong jaws that can open wider than regular nail clippers and apply great force on thick nails. We design our nail nippers to steer your cuts so you will have more control over where they cut as are have hand finished blades. 

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The powerful blades cut the thickest nails easy and the double spring design allows for a smooth cutting motion. Combine this with a curved handle to ergonomically fit in your hand and use comfortably for long periods of use, these nail nippers are beautifully crafted for amazing durability, comfort, and functionality. We recommend to sterilize them after using and while you're not using it, use a protection cap to cover the sharp tip and blade edges.

Our range of nippers for nails reflects our handcrafted conception of professional instruments. They are manufactured individually assembled and sharpened by hand. Their quality control is done one by one. Our concern in these basic instruments focus on accuracy, comfort of use, lightness and balance. 

The result is our exclusive nippers with an exceptional smooth cut with sharp cutting edges and a strong precise axis.Durability and sharpeness are the characteristics we consider high valuable, this aim includes the easy of every tip without tearing and injuring skin. Handles avalaible with single, double spring or spiral. Finishing in matt, mirror, full or semigold and our exclusive Titanium.

All our stainless steel nippers can be sterilized without problem

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